Who I See

I enjoy working with people at all different points in life’s journey.

I frequently help people open new chapters in their lives: life transitions such as getting married or divorced, having children, going to school or returning to work after some time away– these are all tasks I have helped with before.

I also work with people whose lives are generally going well but are looking for “something more.”  Sometimes they don’t even know what that something is, but they want some help getting unstuck or finding new momentum in their lives.

I have also had the privilege of helping people who struggle with their own inner demons:  anxiety, depression, grief, or feelings about a past hurt that remain unresolved.

In a word, my practice holds space for a variety of concerns.  If we find that I do not have the expertise you need, or if my approach is not a good fit for you, I am always happy to make a referral or to collaborate with another treatment provider, so that you may find the help you need.  I feel strongly about the matter of fit between a client and therapist, and the quality of our relationship is always a point of focus for me in our work together.

My areas of specialization include helping people-pleasers, women’s wellness, and trauma recovery.

You may notice that these three interests are all related and often go together– many people pleasers are women.  And, most women struggle to take good care of themselves even though they take excellent care of others.

I have also found in my work that many people-pleasers have had experiences growing up that make it hard for them to set boundaries, feel good about themselves, and pursue their own interests and passions.

Unsure if you struggle with people-pleasing?

You might be a people-pleaser if…

You are scared that you’ll never be able to really stand up for yourself.

You feel stuck in a lot of one-sided relationships.

You are tired of changing yourself to connect, fit in, or make others feel better all the time.

You are terrified that if you stop pleasing others, you will be rejected or abandoned.

You wish you knew that people would care about you even if you stopped being so good.

You are fed up and burned out trying to meet other people’s needs.

There isn’t room for you in your own life.

You worry all the time about what others think of you.

You’re afraid you’ll never get as much as you give in relationships.


If you’re not sure if I’m the therapist for you, you can come in for a free 30 minute consultation so we can chat about your goals and concerns.  It’s important to work with someone you feel safe and comfortable with.  If I’m not the right therapist for you, I can help you find someone who is.