Feeling lost?

You haven’t come here by accident. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are feeling discouraged or hopeless. There are dozens of reasons why someone might seek out a therapist for help. You’ve likely tried a number of different methods to resolve the problem on your own—talking it out with friends or family, reading books or blogs, mulling it over endlessly in your head. In spite of your efforts, nothing is working. Even old, trusted methods of comfort and safety have failed you. You are ready to try something new.

You can find your way again.

You don’t have to sort through this all by yourself. I’d like to help.  It may seem counterintuitive to reach out in a moment of great vulnerability to seek the help of a stranger. And yet, a therapist can offer you many things that conventional relationships with friends and family cannot. A therapist brings training and patience to the enterprise of healing that your family or friends may not be able to offer in spite of their best intentions. Therapy can offer you a safe space without judgment or agenda where you can consider your choices openly and freely. Therapy empowers you to take what you’ve learned and put it into meaningful practice in your life.

Let’s find the way together.

I am a professional counselor licensed to practice psychotherapy in the state of Texas. I work with people every day who sought me out because they were feeling stuck or rudderless. Every week, we are working together to examine old options and craft new ones that promote healing and happiness. I am glad you are here—welcome.