About Ann

Many times, people ask me how I chose this profession. I still think that it chose me. I have always been curious about and hungry for the experiences of others—keeping my fingers on the pulse of others’ feelings is my business! I can’t imagine doing another kind of work.

In college, I threw myself headlong into the study of psychology, completing half of my degree during my first year at Emory. I quickly learned, however, that the most important learning happens outside of the classroom. My first experiences in applied settings—over ten years ago now—humbled and impressed upon me just how much I still had to learn about people. And I continue to feel that my clients are my greatest teachers.

In 2007, I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. I spent six years working as a therapist in both university and community-sponsored mental health clinics with children, families, and adults. I also worked briefly as an intern in a psychiatric hospital and staffed a college crisis hotline for a few years.

At the beginning of my internship in 2009, I started work part-time in a supervised private practice.  After completing my internship, I left my job at an agency and founded Labyrinth Healing. Working in private practice has always been my dream, and I feel privileged to share that dream with you.

My area of expertise, people-pleasing, emerged from my own life experience.  I am a reformed people-pleaser myself, and so I bring a particular understanding and experience to the work that I do.  I also learned about the value of self-care and wellness after living a few years “on empty” in graduate school.  So, now I strive every day to make sure I am not the runner-up in my own life.  Some days I miss the mark, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

Currently, I live in south Austin with my husband, son, and two very mouthy cats.  When I’m not seeing clients for therapy, I assist other counseling students and new therapists in matching with internship sites and supervisors they’re excited about.

Do you want to add your story to mine?  Call me at 512-850-6781 or send me a quick email to set up your appointment.