Taking care of everybody but you?

Let’s do something about that.

You can say no without feeling guilty!

Are you tired of being buried under your to-do list?  Are you tired of being tired?

Let me guess:  You are sensitive and kind and you love taking care of others, but you’re exhausted and overwhelmed and you HATE saying no.  (Disappointing others feels terrible.)

Each day, you try to tackle your to-do list and no matter how many items you cross off the list, it just seems to get longer.  And longer.  And l o n g e r.

I know firsthand how hard life can be when No feels like a four-letter word.

And I’ve lived under the regime of the oppressive to-do list, too.  I’d like to help you climb out from under yours and find your way back to the stuff that really matters.

Your never-ending to-do list doesn’t have to run your life— you can say no without feeling guilty.   In fact, it’s possible to take really good care of others without forgetting yourself, and I can teach you how.

Imagine saying no without fear of the consequences.  Picture feeling sure of where you stand in your relationships, instead of constantly worrying what others think and if they’re upset with you.

You can actually do so much more –

and feel better and more passionately when you truly get to choose

when you can set and maintain firm limits.

And let’s not forget:  you are so much more than what you do.  Did anyone ever tell you that growing up?

Put down the to-do list and let’s talk.

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